Permanent Makeup Handpieces

For a wireless setup, you have the option between the Dragonhawk Mast Tour Y22 or the Flux S. If you are not wanting to purchase a new handpiece but prefer a wireless setup, you can always add a battery to your current handpiece.
Premium products tend to be more reliable in the long term, so we would say yes, it is worth paying for them. If you are looking for a handpiece with more features and is better built, we would recommend the Flux S, Microbeau Bellar and the Bishop pen.
We can never 100% guarantee. However, we take great care in choosing a range of products that offer excellent reliability.
Yes they can. However, if you are wanting a handpiece that is best all around, we would recommend AXYS Valkyr, Gemini Pen or the Microbeau Xion S.
If you are looking for a good quality handpiece but on a budget, we would recommend the Gemini Pen or Dragonhawk Mast Tour. If you are wanting a good all around product that can do everything for permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation then we would suggest the Bishop or AXIS Valkyr. If you prefer wireless and are on a budget you should choose Dragonhawk Mast Tour Wireless Y22 or simply add a battery to a standard handpiece. For a slightly more expensive wireless handpiece, there is the option of the Microbeau Flux S, which is more modern and lightweight.