Permanent Makeup Machines

If you are looking for a more premium product that can do it all, we would recommend you upgrade to the Bishop PMU Pen or the AXYS Valkyr Pen. If you are wanting to achieve more delicate brow work we would suggest the Microbeau Bellar and for more advanced scalp micropigmentation it would be the Apollo SMP Machine.
For a brand new artist starting out, we would recommend a couple of pieces that are budget friendly however, incredibly reliable. The Gemini or the Dragonhawk handpiece combined with the Aurora power supply and an RCA cord would be the perfect place to start.
If you are just starting out, there are some basic items that you need to perform permanent makeup. A standard machine setup requires a handpiece, a corded power supply and an RCA cord. If you would prefer a wireless setup, you can either choose a wireless handpiece like the Flux S or the Dragonhawk Mast Tour Wireless Y22. Alternatively, you can use a standard handpiece and add a battery in place of a corded power supply.