PRICES 2014 / 2015


Eyebrows – Hairstroke, Powder or Combination £ 350
Eyebrows – 3D Eyebrows with Highlighting Effect £ 420
Eyeliner top – Standard Eyeliner / Eyelash Enhancement £ 250
Eyeliner bottom – Standard Eyeliner / Eyelash Enhancement £ 250
Eyeliner – Thick / Latino £ 300
Eyeliner – Eyeshadow / Shaded Eyeliner £ 350
Lips – Contour / Outline of Lips with Blending £ 320
Lips – Full Lip Colour £ 350
Lips – 3D Lips with Highlighting / Volumizing Effects £ 395
Top up treatments: 6 months  £100 | 12 months  £ 150 | 18 months £ 200
Medical treatments (per session)  ENQUIRE
Prices include
Optional Patch Test for Allergies: This is a test behind the ear to check for any allergic reaction to the anaesthetic cream or pigments.

Consultation: Debbie will explain all the possibilities of semi permanent make up. The procedure will be explained along with colours, your skin type and any Debbie will answer any question you might have.

Initial Procedure: The initial procedure will take about 1 hour, but allow an additional 45 minutes for the anaesthetic to work, 15 minutes for the consultation and 30 minutes for the design. You will need to put aside about 2 and a half hours per treatment.

Aftercare: “This will be explained in depth and you will be issued with written instructions to take home. It is vital that you adhere to your aftercare instructions to ensure that you are not vulnerable to infection once you have left the environment of the clinic. If the treated area is picked, pulled or knocked, not only is it more susceptible to infection but it may also affect the healed result and could appear uneven and require more work for which there will be an additional charge. Debbie Clifford takes no responsibility for clients who do not adhere to the after care instructions provided.”

Follow Up Procedure: This is a top-up procedure after your treatment to ensure the pigments will not fade to quickly. This procedure needs to be carried out after a month but within 3 months after initial treatment.