Areola micropigmentation is a specialty area of medical tattooing that requires advanced education, training, and experience. These procedures help improve the appearance and self esteem of both women and men who have undergone breast surgery or example.

Micropigmentation techniques can “create” a nipple after breast reconstruction, minimize the appearance of scars, or restore a nipple to a more natural looking colour and shape.

Micropigmentation of the nipple and areola requires the application of many different techniques and shades and must only be performed by highly experienced professionals who have acquired great skill and knowledge within this specialist area. You can read the following article on our related website where we show you in a step by step guide how this treatment is performed.

Areola micopigmentation is also known as Areola Tattooing, or Nipple Tattooing. It has also been in the news as “Tittooing”.

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